YOU ARE THE TERRORIST!… Why blaming others solves nothing.

You know those terrorist that like to throw bombs and kill children? The ones that the media cant stop talking about and that you think are evil?

THEY ARE YOU!… just under different circumstances and conditioning.

Why is that so difficult to hear? Because you are so attached to being different? Better? More civilized? YOUR NOT! You just have nicer clothes, a bigger house and governments that do the killing for you. Like somehow believing that buying a burger is different than killing a cow with your bare hands. Its not. The cow died because you were hungry and it doesn’t matter who pulled the trigger.

The terrorist is merely a mirror so that one can see the violence within themselves and rectify it. This is the only true path to lasting, fundamental change in the world. But the path to change leads through your acceptance of the violence within yourself which is a sticking point for many because, although we see the conflict, we have deluded ourselves into believing that we have not contributed to it.

Whether you are contributing now or not is somewhat irrelevant. The mess is here to be cleaned up one way or the other and the entire human race is in this boat together and the boat is a mess regardless of who made it that way. 

The beautiful thing about understanding that YOU REPRESENT HUMANITY is that your job has just begun and is not complete until the entire boat is clean, which it will never be. This is your new job for the rest of your natural life. Now its time to assist others in the understanding of how to clean their mess up. You can never clean up someone else’s mess for them but you can certainly support them while they do it for themselves.

And, I would prefer to assist someone else because I have my shit together rather than need support because I don’t. This is not a judgment. Just a statement that when you have your shit together everything is fun, including and especially helping others. And when you don’t, almost nothing is fun and that truly sucks.

Why is it important to understand that you are the terrorist? Which is just another way of saying that you are humanity? Because it is your belief that you are somehow different in a better way that causes you to go to war in the first place. The terrorist also believes himself to be different in a better way than you. This is what causes him to go to war with you.

The acceptance of the violence within yourself allows you the opportunity to make changes that are not possible when you believe the fault to lie outside of yourself.

You see, changing yourself today does change the world today.

It just takes a while.

John Masters

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