It is a wonderful thing to experience True love!..

…As opposed to its sick, perverted counterpart that we have created in this world.

The moment that this sick, perverted worldly love arrives, we have the possibility of being hurt because of the fear of the loss of that very love. This worldly love is what makes it possible for one person to hurt another.

However, True love is totally different.

The moment one experiences True Love, the ability of the object of their love to hurt them vanishes. Why? Because True Love is comprised of acceptance and NOT conformity.

Acceptance NOW, of EVERYTHING, removes fear because we are finally seeing truth and there is no fear when truth is present. Psychological fear is ONLY a concept of the mind, yet is non-existent in reality. Conformity can only bring happiness temporarily as conformity is rooted in psychological fear, which is a result of thought and therefor leads to psychological-action, which can not be maintained consistently. However, acceptance, in its truest form, is not rooted in thought and is therefor not a psychological-action and can be maintained indefinitely.

Without our previous programming there would be no perception of acceptance. Acceptance is only perceived through your past judgment of that which we are currently accepting. The “Judgment” is an energy depleting psychological-action. The “Acceptance” is energy conservation. Conserving energy so that it may be used properly and not through anxiety that leads to projection and then to psychological-action which only propels the insidious cycle of conflict, pain & loss.

Worldy love is a non-acceptance and requirement of conformity of oneself and therefor the object of ones love.

True love is the total acceptance of ones-self such that there is no longer an object of love.

Worldly love appears to always have an object… “I love you” – “You love me.” But, is love directional? Does love exist in a fragment as does the personality of the lover?

On a deep level, It wouldn’t appear so.

It would appear to the enlightened mind that love stands on its own regardless of its target because, in fact, we have created the target. The object of love IS NOT one another. There is NO object. True Love exists. It is not created and it is not discovered. Like Truth, Love existed before the presence of man and will certainly outlive us all.

The men that roam this world are not the inventors of truth and love, merely its shepherds. Those who, for better or worse, see and create the world in which we live. Those who are responsible for the true beauty of this world and those who have manufactured the purest forms of evil to perpetrate upon one another.

These men are one in the same. Perfect beings programmed by an imperfect world. Born to Love yet taught to hate. The outreaching light of salvation in one hand and a gun in the other.

A slow evolution of fear has brought us to this point yet one moment is all thats necessary to awaken.


John Masters

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