It is difficult to go into this topic without being critical of the human race.

We in America and, I suppose, all around the world have made life so convenient for ourselves that it has become a hassle for us to wait for 30 seconds to receive a well balanced meal; while many people wait for an eternity that never comes. As we argue over market strategy and political policy, people die. They not only die physically but much worse, they die psychologically.

As one looks at the world and realizes that the thought of mans mind has created all of the violence, destruction and conflict that seems to be the foundation of our existence, the cycle continues.

As we focus on the construction of our own identities THE WORLD BURNS.

The foundation of life has been built on thought; Primarily the thought that “things could be better.” It is in the attempted betterment of man and society that the world burns. As we focus on improvement we miss the true beauty of life which is happening now.

The now that we so wish to change is all that we have. It is all that we will ever have yet we run away from it as if from a thief in the night.

The continued looking into the future for a better society which will never come is what blinds us to the actuality that the society is not the problem. WE ARE; because we ARE the society. The man or woman in the mirror represents the whole of society and therefore changing yourself is synonymous with the change that you seek in the world.

The belief that a changed society will bring about a change in ones self is a fantasy. You are society, therefore the change need only occur within yourself and will then radiate outwardly.

When change occurs within yourself, society has, in fact, changed.

The idea that the world will literally change if we address the disorder in ourselves is merely an idea. Whether that idea is based in actuality or not remains to be seen, but there is a truth in that the proper care of oneself contributes to personal Peace. So, if you yourself have established a more solid foundation of peace in your life then how would it be possible that world hasn’t changed? You are the world and you have changed and therefore so has the world in which you live.

To not address the disorder within yourself is to allow the world to burn and since you are the world you are burning as well.

Every selfish act that takes only the part, and not the whole, into account is the striking of the match.

I know, through observation, that lighting the world on fire and watching it burn is not our intention so we must look deeper into ourselves to see the true reason behind our masochistic behavior. Why do we want to see ourselves destroyed? Why has the mind set up this trap and why don’t we see it? The mind, however vast, is not very smart in its cunning when exposed to the light of truth. All psychological violence and conflict are based in the repetitive pattern of thought. For this discussion it is the repetitive nature of thought that we should look at because it repeats,  and repeats, and repeats. This is a crazy making pattern ONLY before one takes sight of the pattern itself.

It is within this recognition that the escape from the pattern exists.

Notice that when you firstly witness a pattern that it does not appear as a pattern. It appears to be unique because you have never seen it before. And if you look away you will not see the truth of it and will believe it to be unique in nature. A pattern is not unique and neither is self-destruction. Self-destruction is a pattern that has been recurring for generation after generation after generation.

Self-destruction is a learned behavior.

We have learned it and we are teaching it. And those that we teach will learn and teach it again and so it goes.

The understanding that the world is a blaze is the window to Peace. While the world burns we are told by the authorities of society that everything will be just fine as long as we do this or go there or support this or vote for that or rally for this or be disgusted by that or or or or or or or or or.


Therefore, I will extinguish the fire by removing the ‘Ors’ from myself. I am I. I believe in nothing that has been peddled to me by the world. I accept no authority but my own. I will NOT do this or that…


And, it is in this “BEING” that Peace will arise. Peace does not exist in the attempted change of something. Peace exists within the acceptance of something. THE ACCEPTANCE OF NOW. Of how things are and not how you wish them to be. This is psychological. This does not mean that you like the violence and death perpetrated by one man over another. It means that you accept it for what it is which is synonymous for accepting yourself for who you are and not who you wish to be.

It is only through the acceptance of a violent self that peace and harmony can be born. It is the acceptance of violence which cultivates peace; not the fighting of violence with violence.

Fighting violence with violence is fighting thought with thought. It doesn’t work and the state of the world proves it.

So, lets back away from thought which divides us and see each other for the incredible beings that we are.

The human has been blessed in a way that is beyond the fathom of the mind so lets think twice before we strike the next match and burn our blessings to the ground.

John Masters


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