Peace through Conflict? I Think NOT!

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Peace through conflict! That is obviously how the world believes that it will solve its problems. Just look at that and say it to yourself a few times and then ask… Does that make sense? Is that possible? I think the answer that any serious person will arrive at is NO!

There is no peace when conflict is present. PERIOD!

This is yet another flawed idea of the mind that never moves beyond concept because there is no truth to it. That is why you, yourself need to move beyond concept into truth. So that you understand for yourself that some of that which you currently believe is programmed bullshit. There are two categories… Truth and everything else. We have all heard of stretching the truth. This is just a way of justifying a lie. The reason that we justify is because we realize that truth has absolutely no relationship with un-truth.

Truth stands alone

Do the conflicts that we create in our relationships and in the world end in Peace? It wouldn’t appear so. It would actually appear that conflict leads to more conflict. As a matter of fact I think this would be clear to a child. Yet it is not even clear to the most brilliant thinkers of our time. The people that run things. The people with great ideas that are supposed to create great change yet bring about only further misery.

The mind believes that one of these repetitions will be the last and lead to salvation but it will not.

Repetition of thought may be a tool for the progress of the material world of man but it can never lead to physiological order. It can only lead to further disorder which will build upon itself until we die. We will die no matter what but my question is “Can we live a peaceful life until that time?”

The answer is yes but the majority of man does not seem to realize it. They are stuck in the repetitions which they believe will lead them to freedom. However repetition of thought leads no where because the information which thought is based on is always incomplete.

There is always new information to be added to the current information and the body of information grows through time which is endless.

Peace will not be brought about by conflict which is a result of thought and leads to action and reaction.

Peace will be brought about by the observation of thought and the awareness that thought has generated these problems and therefore can not fix them.

This insight is pivotal because it reveals that there was never a problem in the first place and thusly leads to an organic, conflict-free resolution.

Peace through Peace

John Masters

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  • December 15, 2015 at 5:51 pm

    When I saw this reply I laughed and then thought… “No, I cant let that go onto the page”… A few clicks later I realize that its a fun friend of mine and then I thought… “No, I cant not let this on the page.” :)) .


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