There WILL be Peace on this planet!

It’s just a question of how.

The totality of rage and anger that pervade the world is NOT leading to the destruction of the world; merely to the destruction of mankind, which is an infinitesimal part of the Peaceful world that we have been invited to inhabit.

To the human, the annihilation of humanity may appear as the end of the World; however, it is only the end of the world of chaos that he, himself has created.

Peace, like water, is a perfect level, always moving towards that which is best for the whole of creation. Not favoring one part over another. Not favoring the chaos of man of over the serenity of nature. Merely allowing man to hopefully find a peaceful path towards that which he seeks. However, the destruction of creation, by man, is not in the cards.

There is a higher intelligence than man that sees the folly of our ways. The pitfalls of a vastly complex mind. This higher intelligence IS the level of Peace. Like water, ALWAYS moving back towards its perfect resting position. No matter the gyrations of the human mind, always in control on a level rarely understood by man.

In order to see the truth one must remove his eyes from himself. Worried and toiling over what HE wants. What HE thinks. What HE believes would be better for him. The programming of ages is at work in mans chaotic thinking, and his need to be better is firmly rooted in his belief that he and those around him are not already perfect beings. Constantly judging and comparing himself to others. Seeing only the differences. Living in the separation. Without the slightest clue that the separation has been created by his mind and can be removed immediately. Not through the use of brawn and Bullets but through the use of awareness and understanding. The understanding that the destruction that he seeks is the destruction of pain. Of hurt left by the past and feared in the present. Of that which removes him from the natural state of peace that he was gifted with as an infant.

The terrorist, like most in society, are very unilateral in thought and action when attempting to achieve a goal. Not taking into account that, not only, even the smallest action ripples out through time affecting everything, but also, that the intentions of evil men are ALWAYS thwarted by truth.

That the devious and deadly plans born in the minds of men are nothing more than a cancer. And, that their act of violence only brings about a swift consciousness towards peace. That, although the conditioning to react towards violence with violence is strong, the bringing about of peace is NATURAL.

It is not the hitlers of the world that control the direction of the world.

It is the Martin Luther Kings that stand before them in Peace that shape the future for our children.

So, stand together today with those who seek peace as you do, so that the world may achieve PEACE, The easy way…


John Masters

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