It is believed by many that life is held together by some type of intelligence. An omnipotent being or power. A something. Yet, intelligence is quantifiable so it is still bound by the rules of our program and therefore is not a product of truth.

Is god defined by a finite intelligence or by an infinite (non)intelligence? Does God know everything or is there, in fact, nothing to know?

If truth lies beyond words then Peace lies beyond intelligence.

“This book was my introduction to Anthony DeMello, one of the most sincere teachers of truth I have seen” – John Masters

To believe in intelligence is to believe in ignorance which are extremes of the same thing. Without one you can not have the other. Life is only a trap between two extremes if you make it so. God does not lie somewhere between two extremes. God lies everywhere and can not be quantified.

Words used as descriptors such as “GOD” are quantifiable and therefore can not describe the indescribable. Words can only point to that which lay outside of our programming but they can not adequately describe such things. So, using words to find the truth is fine but believing that the words are truth is false.

The word is NOT the thing!

People in this world are in conflict over words and nothing else. There is no conflict in this world that exists outside of the words created by man. Animals, which we consider less intelligent “experience” their existence while we merely talk about ours…


It is endless because the answers do not lie within the words, yet our seeking & searching is done almost exclusively with words through thought.

God does not exist in the words or in the thoughts of man. God exists in the infinite silence. The silence that ties everything together. The silence, without which, the words would have no meaning.

When you ask an enlightened person a question about life, the answer should be complete silence because the enlightened person understands that words are meaningless. If one already possess the answers which they seek then no answers are necessary, therefore no words are necessary.

Smart people believe that intelligently ordered words are of higher value yet words are, in fact, just words. Not a commodity worth going to war over. Just a projection of mans feeble attempt to control a world that he so desperately desires to understand.

Yet, understanding can only come through the silent observation of oneself, for which words are completely unnecessary and unproductive.

John Masters

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