Hello, My name is John Masters…

I think A LOT!  I always have.

It has only been in the last several years that I have realized that this cycle of repetitive thought has invited psychological disorder into my life. And, that as the years pass, this disorder is compounded by the interaction with a world which is suffering with the same affliction.

Although this is a truth that I have only seen very clearly in the recent past, when I step back, I see that my life has been littered with the search for this truth. A truth which I have possessed all along.

This obsessive thinking, along with the precarious circumstances that it has brought into my life, has led me to a serious interest in how my mind works. And, not only the belief that my mind is responsible for the problems within myself and the world but, much more importantly,  that it contains the SOLUTION.

The study of the mind requires no external research or homework because I possess the object of my study. However, I believe that the study of the mind is a more vast undertaking than the study of the Seas or the Heavens combined.

I have shifted my thinking away from my particular problems as I now believe that the solution to personal problems lies within the correction of the underlying problem which is universal in nature and not personal.

So, I choose to address the thinking that got me here as opposed to each particular problem that I face.

In this pursuit of understanding I have exhaustively studied the works of many prolific spiritual teachers and have several that I consider to be teachers of truth in the highest form…

Jesus of Nazareth, Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Anthony DeMello and Jiddu Krishnamurti(in no particular order)

I believe that these men understood the fundamental nature of the problem that man had projected into the world and that their teachings, when looked into with serious attention, point towards a life without the necessity of conflict.

Unfortunately all of these men are dead. Several murdered by the very men that they were seeking to save.

Yet, they have influenced the lives of countless people throughout time.

Of which, I am one.

And, as I finally believe, not that I hold the key to truth, but that “I AM TRUTH”(as are you) I now feel compelled to shine my light of truth into the darkness that I have been responsible for creating.

‘Waking up is Free’ is my attempt to do so. Please feel free Join Me!

John W. Masters Jr.


2 thoughts on “MEET THE AUTHOR

  • November 30, 2015 at 3:13 pm

    I commend your insight. I have Buddhism at the top of my list for understanding the mind.
    And myself, as you mentioned that we carry the truth, each of us. Walks in the woods, the trees, the sky, they are also my teachers, my guides.
    Thank you for sharing your words.
    And thanks for your attention to my blog.

    • December 1, 2015 at 9:26 pm

      No problem Suzanne. I’ve been busy on another project and realized yesterday morning that I needed to catch up on a couple of blogs, including yours. Thank you for your attention as well.

      BTW… I shared that poem on my facebook page and one of my therapist friends seemed to enjoy it. 🙂


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