I believe that a time existed long ago when mans mind did not yet realize that it was a separate entity from the brain.

The brain and the mind peacefully co-existed as one.

During this time, whether it be before or after the cave man, the brain and the mind were kept in a state of physical security by the ingenious thinking of its owner, The man.

The man used thinking as a primitive tool in order to keep the body safe so that the brain could be secure and function properly.  Primitive: meaning that it was focused solely on the absolute necessities of the organism. Food. Water. and Shelter.

The brain needs complete physical security to operate at its highest level and the man understood this. He understood that the brain had difficulty devising ways to secure food, water and shelter while he himself was under attack by his environment. So, he must physically secure himself away from the possibility of attack.

At some point during the evolution of man, the mind realized that it was, in fact, a separate Entity. Separate yet maintaining a vital connection to the brain. That it could move away from the brain yet still possess the knowledge of the brain.

It is in this realization of separation that something profound happened.

The mind decided that, as a separate entity, it must also require physical security in order to be free to function at its highest level.


The mind did not understand that it, unlike the brain, was not bound by linear time and therefore did not require any form of security at all. So, it went about securing itself in the same way that the body and brain had been kept secure for so long…

Through thought which leads to action!

The mind did not understand that no securing action was necessary so it got to work securing itself “psychologically.”

And, the result is our precarious psychological lives which are balanced on the notion that we will be OK if only we could secure our minds. Therefore, we go about infecting society and our environment with the anxieties and projections of our endless search for truth which has led to the mess that we see the world in today.

Politics, Religion, Nationalism, Race and Status are all constructs set up by the mind so that it may feel secure. The feeling of security is unnecessary when security is already present. The mind did not realize that security was present because it had been conditioned, through time, to be part of the material world until its awakening that it was a separate entity. Therefore the mind continued to believe in the need for physical security when in fact there was nothing physical or material to protect.

The mind was conditioned to believe that it was bound by physical time through thought, as was the brain, and thusly bound itself, psychologically, by time through thought in the very same way as the brain.

And now, mans mind has conditioned itself for thousands or hundreds of thousands of years to be bound by time through thought.

This has led to where we find ourselves today. Living in a world which is defined by conflict, suffering and pain. Why? Because conflict in the material world gives the mind false security. It gives the mind a cause. Something to fight for and against when there is, in fact, no enemy.

And, unlike in the material world, a new conflict can begin again immediately. The mind doesn’t have to get physically prepared to start another war. And it does start a new war immediately because it has conditioned itself to this one and only task of self-psychological-preservation.

This is much like the computer in the movie “War Games”. The computer will re-start the game until an appropriate conclusion has been reached. WINNING! And, the only appropriate conclusion since winning is not possible as there is no enemy is total destruction so that the game and the repetitive thought pattern may finally come to an end.

You see, the mind actually wants this psychotic cycle to end but we won’t allow it.

Our minds are playing “War Games” and will continue to play at the cost of the complete psychological annihilation of its host.

So, who is the host?

And, would it be necessary for the game to continue once the program realized that there was never actually a threat?

And furthermore, can the thinking that brought about this mess be observed and brought to an end peacefully?

These are some of the simple yet complex questions that I would like to present to myself and the reader through careful attention, awareness and observation.

Thank You for your interest!

John Masters

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