• This blog is NOT about the exchange of ideas.
  • The exchange of ideas is the beginning of conflict as it leads to agreement and disagreement.
  • What is contained within these pages is not to be agreed with or disagreed with.
  • It is merely to be looked at.
  • Everything written by the author is written as actuality as experienced by the author.
  • The author does not project upon the reader his own actualities and therefore realizes that our observations may result in differing insights regarding these matters.
  • The author is just thinking out loud.
  • The author IS NOT a member of any religion and
    DOES NOT endorse one religion over another.
  • Although the author tends to use a masculine grammatical gender such as He, Himself and Mankind… The feminine is implied.
  • Comments will remain open, yet lightly moderated, so please take full responsibility as the reader and commentor.
  • Please observe your own motivations and intentions before commenting.
  • It is perfectly fine for comments to be offensive as long as they are not intended to offend.
  • Please pay close attention to whether you intend to offend and don’t do it.
  • We are all struggling through the results of our thinking together and supporting one another through our various challenges is the spirit in which every word and the space between every word contained within these articles was intended.
  • Thank You

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