That which makes up who “I am” is my collected experiences which are based in linear time and therefore the PAST.  And, since time marches ceaselessly into the future at a steady endless pace, so also does my collection of the past.

Since who I am will remain incomplete as long as this cycle continues, the understanding and explanation of who I am will continue to change and will therefore never be complete. And that which is incomplete is in constant conflict with its self.

It is the continued adding to this “I am” that leads to isolation, loneliness and the fear of death. Who you are is your collection from the past being experienced now and is completely grounded in time. The exit from this psychological time will be experienced at the time of physical death because it is merely a construct of the mind yet is connected to the brain.

For the purposes of this inward looking endeavor, I not only want to stop adding to who I am but I would also like to start subtracting from it. Subtracting that which was not necessary in the first place.

Consciously subtracting from who you are now will keep that from being necessary at the time of death.

The enlightened man is the walking dead. He has forced his psychological death so that no fear exists now or when the physical death is at hand.

Man is afraid of death for the exact reason that he is afraid of anything else. Because he has been taught that he is separate from it. When you are separate, you are afraid and you try to prevent the separation.

Yet, we don’t wait until death to be gripped by fear. We live our lives daily in this way. So why not just go ahead and die to who you are, or who you think you are, or who you want to be, and finally start living.

Death is only the end of that which is killing us anyway.

John Masters

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