It dawned on me this morning while “thinking about god” just how ridiculous it is to attach any human characteristics to your deity, especially those of sexuality and race as sexuality and race lie purely within the biological realm. However, It appears from the observation of religion that not only does God have a penis but that he is also African American or Caucasian, depending on which church you attend.

Don’t be confused, Men do not project their own characteristics onto their deity in order to accentuate the oneness shared with creation, but for a far more selfish reason… In order to feel better about himself because he realizes that he is, in fact, alone in the biological world but can not accept the profoundness of that awareness; That he projects his characteristics onto that which he seeks so that he may believe that his search is worthy because he cant bring himself to value something that he does not understand; That through this projection he may discover something that he himself “believes” to be true, not realizing that identity with that which lies outside of himself is unnecessary and hindering to the peace which he so desperately seeks in the world.

As one walks into any church or place of worship it is noticed how the worshiped deities take on an unnatural similarity with the very men who are enamored by them. The man DOES NOT seek to take on the qualities of the deity. He seeks to project his identity on to the deity so that he may feel secure in the false belief that he has any understanding at all in the “god” in which he worships; That the projection of race, sex or any other quality possessed by highly flawed human beings is merely the attempted unloading of that which we have putrified ourselves, yet cant muster the energy to repair.

The deity requires no projection to be what it is yet what it is lies outside of the understanding of man and therefor man must twist his thinking in a particular way in order to relate to this super-natural entity. The connection to this entity did not even require your birth and therefor the state of life as we know it is not the connecting factor. The connection was not made upon entry into this life as this life is nothing more than the quick evolution of decaying biological material, at which we are at the center. However, that which makes up the center is not biological in nature and will not decay away with time, as time is a biological fact that has no connection with the energy that drives creation.

So, what the hell does all that mean?

It means that while your biological world may require your understanding in order for you to control your outcome in it, THE SPIRITUAL WORLD DOES NOT! There is nothing to control. There is nothing to relate to and no need to relate to anything. There is no disconnection between you and your deity and therefor no need to project your biological qualities onto your deity in order to feel connected. The connection that you seek is made worse by these projections because they interfere with your sighting of TRUTH.

A truth that will only set you free when you see it for what it is and not what you wish it to be.

So, if you find yourself needing to apply biological qualities to your religious figure-head, just remember that…


John Masters

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