When you get upset because things are not how you believe they should be, you are struggling with your programming and NOT with how things actually should be. You have written the program that you are struggling against.

Acceptance of how things are, and not how they should be, is your only way out of this program. Rewriting or changing the program will only change your location within the program, so you will gain a new perspective and feel better yet you will inevitably return to misery because you are still living within the walls constructed by you and your mind.

You must realize that your beliefs are not built on a firm foundation. They are just human-minded, programmed, belief-systems built on top of human-minded, programmed, belief-systems over extremely long periods of time that have no actual foundation in truth.

This is why re-programming is not your goal. De-programming IS. Re-programming is the easier of the two because you are replacing one drug with another. You are changing your location within the program. De-programming is basically throwing everything out without the need to replace it. This will be a place of ultra clarity because you will see things for how they are and not how your program tells you they are.

Programming reveals the differences between people. De-programming reveals the oneness of creation which includes all of humanity. Programming tells black people and white people that they are different from one another which leads to conflict. De-programming reveals that black people and white people are just people, which leads to Peace.

Someone says to me one day, in a sarcastic way, because I was NOT doing something the way they liked… “Thanks for helping me continue to feel relevant around here!” My response was… “Your problem is that you believed that you were relevant in the first place.” Although this may sound like a smart ass response, this is exactly the change in belief that causes your negative feelings to vanish.

This person is not feeling irrelevant for any other reason than they have programmed themselves to believe that as long as they are working hard and being productive that “I am relevant” which, obviously, eventually leads to the converse which is “I am no longer relevant”.

The hard and cold facts are that none of us are relevant. We never were and we never will be. This world doesn’t need you and it doesn’t need me. When we die this world will continue to function in the same way as when a flower dies.

But, man can’t seem to live and die like the flower.

Men must attain, aspire, hope, dream and struggle away from their true selves. The flower is born its true-self and remains such until its death. The man is born his true-self and spends his entire life running away from himself and many times dies unhappy.

Don’t let this happen to you! Stop running! Stop hoping and dreaming your life away!

Many religious people would seem to believe that the story of Jesus is a story about suffering. Religions would almost appear to endorse suffering as a path to spirituality.

Although worldly suffering may wake you up to your true self, it is the awakening that is crucial, not the suffering. I believe that the story of Jesus is about the end of suffering and the awakening to the fact that suffering is no longer necessary. That we are suffering for no reason, at our own hands, which means that it can stop whenever we decide.

The story of Jesus is not meant to inspire the following of a man to a destination, but rather, to be inspired by that man that we have already arrived.

So, next time things are not going your way and you are feeling negative, don’t attempt to change the world so that you may get what you want for a short time which takes endless, fruitless laboring. Just realize that you have built your happiness on the lies of men and therefore your unhappiness is also a product of those same lies.

There is endless cost in arriving at your true self while living in a dream yet WAKING UP IS FREE.

John Masters

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