ADDICTION – “We’re all in this Together!

Addiction is nothing more than an attachment to a repetitive thought pattern.

Addiction, as a psychological issue, can NOT be addressed by addressing the specific addiction. Addressing each specific addiction is ignoring the truth of addiction which is that it is a thought pattern and has nothing to do with the object of the patterned thinking.

Addressing each addiction individually is a form of white-knuckling. Of saying to yourself that if you could only quit this one thing that everything will be ok. But notice how everything isn’t magically ok when you do quit this or that. You may have a temporary sense of peace and happiness but it doesn’t last because your mind immediately wonders to the next pattern.

As a matter of fact, if you look at those who stop drinking using the most popular method, you will see the pattern of thought which led to drinking immediately leads to the counting of days that no drinking has occurred. This is a pattern of thought identical to that of drinking. Notice that with this method it is completely unacceptable to drink yet smoking as many cigarettes as possible is perfectly fine.

Your addiction will NOT end merely by setting up an authority over your addiction. It will change in nature and progress along the same line until you find another authority and on and on.

You are addicted to thinking! PERIOD!

Problems are solved by addressing the root cause of the problem and to do that one must observe the thinking that brought about their problem. One must also understand that you can not resolve a problem created by thought via more thought.

Of course, your particular addiction may have serious ramifications that must be dealt with in the material world, but that is a topic for a different discussion.

Knowledge and understanding about your particular addiction are not necessary in order to create balance in your life however Knowledge about yourself certainly is.

There are reasons in your life that cause you to want to escape through thought. However, your addiction goes much farther into the past than this. Man has been addicted to repetitive patterns of thought long before you and I came along so we have been subjected to this condition for ions.

So, this struggle is not just your own. It is that of humanity.

Yet we isolate those that we perceive to be addicts in our society and expect things to get better. Things will never get better as long as we are separate and isolated. And, who is it that determines who the addict IS and IS NOT in the first place?

The entirety of man is addicted so seeking and taking advice from a projected authority is attempting to resolve your addiction by seeking the advice of an addict.

An addict can tell you a lot about addiction but they can not tell you how to be free.

That is your job.

So, stop judging and isolating yourself because you are addicted and you will stop persecuting others for the same. We are in this together and will never rise out of our addiction without the support of one another.

So seek understanding, not about addiction, but about yourself and you will see that thinking in any form of repetition for lengthy periods of time limits the mind and leads to the state of addiction that you find yourself in today.

John Masters

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