Addiction -vs- Habit: You Decide!

Addiction is an attachment to a repetitive pattern of thought.

Habit IS the pattern.

Both are merely thinking.

Habit is used in the physical world in order to secure the basic needs of life. Habit is how the brain was intended to be used; to teach yourself through repetition how to survive. Addiction is taking this primary physical function into your psychology which, as we have discussed, needs no security.

Since there is no need for security, yet the organism is convinced of its need for security, it programs the need into itself as a feeling. This feeling of need is what causes you to be attached and therefore addicted.

Notice how the need for food water and shelter is not experienced as a psychological need or feeling therefore causes you no suffering yet is much more vital to life than the suffering that you experience through your projected need.

Your projected need will never be satisfied because it has been manufactured by the mind but the mind is unable to manufacture a cure because THE NEED is the cure. The only possible way out of this trap is to recognize that this is happening; that you are trapped in a psychotic loop created by the mind. This process is meant to protect you but has the opposite effect.

I suspect a disease works in a similar way. However, we shouldn’t single these things out and treat them as a disease.

We should realize that thinking, in the way that man has altered the evolution of thought, IS THE DISEASE, Not thinking itself; because thought has its place in physical and material security. The object of our thoughts and behavior is not the disease. It is thought, itself, in the way we have been taught to use it.

Don’t worry though! You’re not alone! The world is addicted to thought!

The difference is that you know it. And that my friend is the difference between life and death.

John Masters

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