Accomplishment without goal!
The Modern Tower of Babble.

It appears that the world believes that to accomplish something one must have a goal. Yet, chasing after a goal, psychologically, only leads you further from the truth.

True accomplishment lies within the acceptance of oneself.

The barbaric state of the world is a result of goal driven accomplishment.

Man has become successful beyond all measure at accomplishing goals yet remains completely unaccomplished as human beings. Why? Because there is nothing to accomplish psychologically!

The world doesn’t bother telling you, in the beginning, that by teaching you how to accomplish goals; it is setting you on a never ending road of misery. A road with no end that is a result of all of your past accomplishments yet has no future because all that lies in your future is also your past accomplishments. You never actually accomplish anything other than starting over. You believe that you have made some type of progress when no progress was required and therefore you are attempting to fix something that is not broken.

This appears to be the cycle of life; however, when one backs away from the tree to sight the forest a new truth appears… This is only the cycle of MANS life. This is not the cycle that one observes in Nature.

The cycle of repetitive accomplishment is unique to those who have perverted thought. Those who have perverted thought mistakenly believe that they have mastered thought Yet, thought has mastered them.

When the puppet is convinced that he is the master, he will never see the truth which encourages his escape.

It becomes more and more clear that linear time is the enemy of fundamental change. That the interval of time between realization and change gives way to yet more programming and conditioning. The programming does not happen in the way in which even we, those who know we are programmed, believe that it does. Although time allows for programming, programming requires very little time. It is not instantaneous. But it is almost instantaneous. Very little time is necessary to reinforce programming that once existed, therefore fundamental psychological change must happen immediately before physical change ever has a chance.

It has been said that living a conscious life is like living with a King Cobra snake. One must always live in a state of awareness. Aware of themselves and their surroundings at all times because a snake lurks at every corner. The snake of thought.

The enlightened man must sleep with one eye open yet sleeps soundly through the fiercest storm. The storm is no reason to awaken because you are the creator of the storm. The storm of your life moves along at your will only. This is like the old Lucite boxes that were filled with a blue wave. You could hold the box in your hand and tilt it back and forth and watch the wave. The wave was not scary because it was within your control. That’s the beauty of the wave.

Someone like myself travels into a mighty wave on the ocean and I die. Another person travels into that same wave and ecstatically rides it to the shore. Yet, we are one in the same.

When I see the person riding to the shore it is not helpful to think to myself “why cant I do that?” “What makes us different?” because the person riding ecstatically to the shore IS me. I have used my mind to divide us knowing full well that we are identical. I am no less accomplished at riding the wave than is the person who appears successful at it. I just don’t think that I can do it, therefore, I can not. I’ve been taught to think that way.

The dog that thinks it’s a cat can only begin to bark upon its realization that it’s a dog; before which the dog could neither purr nor bark.

This is psychological!

So, please don’t go surfing without a few lessons or start teaching your dog how to purr.

John Masters

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