The Objective of This Endeavor…

To organize and understand my own writings more completely through the insight of others as well as to possibly help others through insights of my own.

I believe that the non-filtered observation of ones-self is trans-formative and should be attended to with serious attention; otherwise our observational insights may not be clear.

The information contained within these pages, however fundamental, is somewhat complex in nature especially if you are new to the observation of thought. So, patience with the author and with yourself will be necessary.

I believe that, together, we can move away from repetitive thought which leads to endless internal and external conflict and towards thought-free observation which leads to insight which produces natural, organic, conflict-free evolution.

I am not a teacher or an expert in any field yet I am convinced that looking deep into the complex matters of ones-self through careful observation and awareness is where truth which leads to insight resides. And,  true insight leads to fundamental change which leads not only to the end of your suffering but to the end of the suffering of all mankind.

Why?    Because you are mankind!

I do not believe that someone needs to be shown the way to the truth. However, I do believe that by working together we can discover the truth that lies within ourselves.

And, that it is this truth which will set us free.

These writings are my acknowledgment to “myself” that the search for “myself” has ended because I now realize that I was never lost in the first place.

So, now I must address the mess that I have created in the world and in myself by ceaselessly searching for something that was never lost.

I will do this through careful observation minus programming, process and propaganda.

Please join me in observing the re-emergence of our true selves together.

John W. Masters Jr.


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