In general, the state of the world mirrors what is going on with a majority of individuals in the world. This is not to say that in a world of chaos and violence that those living in peace do not exist. It just means that the amount of peace being contributed to the world at that time is being outweighed by the amount of chaos and violence being contributed.

This should not detract from the choice of living in peace but it does reveal the difficulties of living a life of peace in a world proliferated by chaos.

The chaos that we experience in the world is not the product of the organic evolution of man, it is the product of the projected chaos of mans mind. ALL systems that wreak havoc on man have been created by man and then projected into the world to give him something to struggle against when the true struggle lies within himself. In addition to the belief that these projections represent truth in some way, mankind has also deluded itself into thinking that its evolution is anything more than a movement of thought, which is a product of the mind.

“I Love this Book” – John Masters

The notion that mankind has evolved, in a more enlightened way, than the animals is merely mans ego which can not accept the destruction that he, himself, has created to a perfect world. And, through this non-acceptance, man continues his march to the complete annihilation of self.

The annihilation of self lies squarely in the protection of self. The need to protect self is the acceptance that self is somehow different than whole. That you lie outside of the problem which you, yourself, have created. The reason that the answer CAN NOT lie outside of the question is that one must already possess the answer to realize that there is a question to be asked in the first place.

The sign that you already possess the answers that you seek, and need seek no further, is the simple fact that you are asking the question. This understanding leads to the end of confusion. The end of needing a projected authority figure to control your life. Because you are the authority figure and are perfectly capable of controlling your own life.

When one addresses the chaos in their own lives, the true opportunity to assist others is born. We can not truly assist our brother when our own lives are being blown back and forth by the winds of dysfunction. Therefore, It is only through the awareness of our own dysfunction that we can address the dysfunction in the world.

So, instead of pointing the finger of blame, lets reach out with hands of support to those who struggle as we once did.

John Masters

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